TL;DR Yes.

Evernote needed a five-year plan five years ago. If they actually implement a plan like yours, yes, it will be too late. I’ve tried jumping out of Evernote several times, mostly to Notion. But Notion doesn’t do enough yet. No email into it or fast and easy way to add notes. No easy backup. If they get that soon, I will leave Evernote for Notion.

Meanwhile, I’m going strong with ClickUp. They release more features in a week than EN does in a year. If they developed their docs so I can organize them, they may be the one.

Meanwhile, I’m slowly paring down what I send to EN and deleting notes I sent there just because I could.

It was interesting seeing this article today as I was just starting one of my own, An Introduction to Evernote. I still think it is very good at what it does and I want people to know about it. I want it to succeed.

But like Palm Pilot, OS2 and many others, they should have ruled the world by now and they let it slip away.

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