This is great stuff and I am filing it away (in Evernote, of course) for future reference in case I decide to try letting Evernote do it all for me again. I’ve done this before and may again. With a method similar to yours, and a bit of diligence, it will work.

My problem began when I retired and had fewer tasks driving my days, but still didn’t want anything falling through the cracks.

For that reason, I have gone back to using IQTell in conjunction with Evernote. The integration is very good between it, my Gmail account and Evernote. It probably doesn’t do anything you aren’t doing, but it does it a bit easier and more seamlessly.

On a side note, this is the third article I’ve read in a week that calls Evernote a note taking app. I think that label does the product a great disservice.

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