Thanks, yeah I don't use auto anything for flash or strobes.

Anytime I'm someplace where auto ISO might make a difference, I always keep my eye on all parameters. My biggest mistake early days when I was using manual ISO, is I would underexpose to try and keep the ISO down and the shutter speed up.

Took me a long time to get it into my head that made the noise worse.

This new Fuji does a phenomenal job with auto settings and noise. I've gotten to where I shoot Jpg more often than not. It took months to get there though. I just couldn't not shoot in raw after so many years.

In post, the times where I think raw would have made a difference are so few that I'm good with it. I'll still go back to raw in very bad lighting, though.

Thanks as always for reading and your well thought out and knowledgeable comments

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