Thanks for this, Nikas. As a new writer, it was very helpful.

But as a veteran stock photographer, it’s old news.

I got on that particular bandwagon in 2006. That was early. I now have over 50K images spread across a dozen or so agencies. For the last 12 years, everyone has been singing doom and gloom in the marketplace. My numbers continue to rise.

Why? Hard work and consistency. I upload 70–200 images a week, 200 a week, every week. That’s what keeps my head above water, and my income continues to rise, every year, albeit slowly.

Thos 200 images a week are going into a pool of 1.5M uploaded every week by the rest of the world.

I just now got off a forum, after getting bored reading all the doom and gloom articles, interspersed by a few newbies wanting to know where the easy money was.

The reality is somewhere between doom and easy money, leaning toward the doom end of the scale.

But here’s the thing. I enjoy photography and I’m pretty good at it. So I’ll keep doing it.

I enjoy writing and I don’t suck too much. So I’ll keep doing it.

I’ve hit close to 4k views in my first month. I’ve seen numbers that make that look very good.

And I’ve seen numbers that make me want to cry.

But, I’ll keep doing it.

Now, excuse me, it’s time to put together something new for Better Marketing.

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