Plastic is Killing Us

How to avoid plastic in your life

By now, everyone is aware of the plastic crisis. The amount of plastic that ends up in the ocean is bad enough, but what about the plastic we consume?

You would never intentionally eat plastic, but the fact is that plastic breaks down into minute particles, called microplastics that find their way into our water and food. Something as innocuous as refilling a plastic water bottle will cause these microplastics to be released into the water and, therefore, into your bodies.

Products you use every day contain small particles of plastic and, as a result, end up inside you. Most modern tooth whitening products contain microbeads of plastic. Also, many skincare and beauty products include plastic. Think of this next time you use your favorite skin exfoliator. And don’t believe that plastic is a harmless, inert product.

Many harmful and cancer-causing chemicals are used to manufacture plastic, and these, too, end up in your body.

Eliminating plastic in your life is probably impossible at this point, but you can minimize its use and your contact with it.

  • Make your own cosmetics. This will not only ensure the purity of the product, but eliminate plastics, allergens, and other harmful products from being used on your body.
  • Carry and use cloth grocery bags. Millions of plastic grocery bags are used and discarded every day around the planet.
  • Buy and use a glass or aluminum water bottle. Make sure there are no plastic parts or straws used in the product.
  • Don’t buy products packaged in plastic. It’s incredible to me, standing in line at the grocery store, and watch reusable cloth bags stuffed full of plastic packaging.

You may think that one person can’t make a difference. But everyone who joins in the fight against plastic pollution will help. Eliminating plastic will not only make the planet healthier but avoiding the consumption of plastic contaminants will make you healthier as well.

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