Nice work as always. I’ve been with Evernote for about 10 years. I’ve been back and forth with Nimbus, OneNote and Notion. Working on paring down years of storage on EN, downgrading to free again and then I’ll see. I want to like OneNote but just can’t. Nimbus is promising. Depending on what I end up with, Notion is a favorite, I’ve been in and out of also over the last two years.

As far as to-dos, I’ve used them all, including some good players I haven’t seen you check out. Currently, it’s ClickUp. I tried them a year or so ago, but something didn’t click. Now, I’m pretty deep into it. It will replace some processes I use EN for and then we’ll see.

See you over on YT.

Photographer & Writer-I shoot what I see-I write what I feel. Top writer in Photography, Art, Creativity, Productivity, Self Improvement, Business, Life Lessons

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