Man, you hit several hotspots for me. My 3rd month, thanks in part to people like you, I hit the magic $100 mark. A few days later, I had a 1,000 view day. I posted both of these achievements in some of the Facebook groups. Most congratulated me. A few were the toxic people you mentioned.

Way too many asked me, how I did it. How I did it? There are a dozen people on Medium writing very detailed roadmaps on how to do it. How can you not do it?

Well, you can not work your ass off, but other than that?

I’ve never been involved with a place where there is so much help getting you to succeed.

Thanks, again, Tom.

Photographer & Writer-I shoot what I see-I write what I feel. Top writer in Photography, Art, Creativity, Productivity, Self Improvement, Business, Life Lessons

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