I’ve been playing video games off and on since Pong. There have been short periods where I quit for technical reasons, but they were long ago. I also go through periods where they aren’t fun anymore, but usually solve that by changing up what or how I play.

The main thing is, as you said, they are a time-suck and I think about how much I could be doing with that time. Even though I am retired now, there are still many more productive things I could be doing.

The way I have solved this is by maintaining a full task management system based on not only priorities but time periods, i.e. early morning, late morning, etc. My day is broken up into 5 periods and each has all the things I need to do, and the time I will spend doing them.

But, except on very busy days, each of those periods has a little slack time built in. If I finish my writing research this morning before 8am, the leftover is gaming time.

So excuse me, I have some more reading to do.

Then I have to bring down that corrupted shell-walker that’s been bothering me.

Photographer & Writer-I shoot what I see-I write what I feel. Top writer in Photography, Art, Creativity, Productivity, Self Improvement, Business, Life Lessons

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