I had no problem with the search in OneNote, it was the erratic syncing that was a deal breaker there. I’m pretty sure it had an email into feature, but couldn’t swear to it.

I’ve been working with Nimbus for a week or so; actually took advantage of a life-time business plan deal for $59, just to hedge my bets. It can accept mail and has almost all features of Evernote, plus many more. It also has an active development team and the support response has been outstanding. In my testing on Android, it was the best search but only by a second or two. All searches performed well for me on the Windows apps.

The one thing it doesn’t have that the current version of Evernote also dropped is the default input folder. I used that a ton with EN and was always a deciding factor while looking around.

So, for now I am still playing with all the software and waiting to see who has all the features I want first.

Evernote has to put back the input folder or I’m gone when the legacy app is. They have garnered no loyalty from me.

I could go all in with ClickUp, but they need a better way to organize documents.

Currently, I have no reason not to go with Nimbus, but it’s still early days.

OneNote/Drive is just a repository of my 10K of old notes from Evernote.

Meanwhile, Notion is my go-to app. Worst case, I will still end up using it for somethings until/unless one of the other players can do the same things. Best case, it could be the one.

Right now, it’s EN’s game to lose, but I could go with Nimbus or Notion and never look back.

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