I Didn’t Feel Like Writing Today, So Here’s What I Did Instead

Maybe It Will Work for You

Today, it was one of those days.

I just didn’t feel like writing.

I started to go through my idea list, and nothing clicked. I often have days where I open up my idea list, and the first one doesn’t pop. Either I can’t remember what I was thinking, or I’m not inspired by it. So, depending on which, I either delete it or skip it.

But some days are like today. I open idea after idea, and they all bore me.

Or at least don’t motivate me to start typing.

So, I closed that down and thought about what I did want to do today. I am also a photographer, so I decided to get some shooting done. I hadn’t decided which subject to shoot, so I was mulling over which lens to use.

This got me thinking about a beginning photographer having the same issue as me, a twenty-year veteran. What lens should I use.

So I wrote this article.

While I was writing that article, I began to think about my original lack of interest. Now that I was actually writing, the spark had ignited. So what was wrong before. I write early, so it couldn’t be that I was tired.

But wait, what did I do yesterday? I did a lot. For an old retired guy, that is. It was a very busy day. I remember at the end of the day being pretty burned out. That got me to thinking about what I should have done better. So, I made a couple of quick notes.

And when I finished the lens article, I wrote one about how to keep yourself from getting burned out at work.

And, while I was writing that article, I got to thinking about how I didn’t feel like writing today, and here I was finishing my second article.

So, I wrote down the title of this article.

And guess what I did next?

So, here are some ideas when your ideas just don’t work. When you have that lethargy that comes with being uninspired.

When you just don’t feel like writing.

You decided to blow off writing for the day. Maybe that saves you an hour; maybe it saves you a day. What else would you rather be doing? Make a list. Jot down at least three things you’d rather do today besides write.

Write about those.

What is it that is different about today? Are you tired or burned out because you’ve been pushing too hard? Did something happen in your life that took all the heart out of your craft? List one or more reasons why you don’t want to write today.

Write about those.

What advice would you give to someone else who doesn’t feel like writing? How could you help a fledgling writer get over the hump of days when they aren’t inspired? What could you say to your future self if this happens again? And it will. Come up with a short list of ideas to help someone that doesn’t feel like writing.

Write about those.

You’re a writer. Writer’s write. You don’t have to pen the feature story for Harper’s Bazaar every day. But you do need to write every day. Let your lack of inspiration be your inspiration. Find a subject in the innocuous.

Write just one sentence.

And then, one more.

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Photographer and Writer-I shoot what I see. I write what I feel. Read me in Publishous, Better Marketing, The Startup & Live Your Life on Purpose. You Do You.

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