How to Make Weekends Marvelous Again

How to Put the T.G. Back in Friday

Darryl Brooks
4 min readJul 15, 2020


Remember how great weekends used to be? We cycled the whole week around, anticipating them. From the Monday blues, through Humpday, and finally, it was TGIF.

But lately, you’re stuck at home, your partner is stuck at home, and your kids are stuck at home. Every day is the same. The monotony drags on, week after week. For a while, you try to remember what day it is, but finally, you give up. What difference does it make?

Well, it makes a big difference. At least it should. The weekends are still there; you just have to find ways to make them unique again. And doing so, will not only make those two days better but will improve your entire week. It gives you something to anticipate. Having a weekend to look forward to will, once again, give each day of the week new meaning.

A few years ago, my wife and I retired. I had been working in an office for years while she worked from home. Retiring was something we had envisioned and worked toward for many years, and finally, the day was here. We had a great plan financially and knew that we could handle retirement and coast into our golden years secure and able to continue our lifestyle.

But we didn’t really have a plan for the retired part of retirement. We had things we enjoyed doing, both separately and together, but didn’t think through how those things would fit into our new lives.

Before, we had structure. During the week, we worked all day and spent the evenings together. On weekends, we did, well, weekend stuff. Because that was the only time we could do them. After work, we didn’t have enough energy to do much besides eat dinner and watch TV. On the weekends, we did everything else.

Which meant the weekends were usually pretty busy. Sometimes, too busy.

So, retirement seemed like a solution to that. We didn’t have to cram everything into the weekend. We could spread everything out over seven days.

And so, we did. But that just meant that all seven days were the same. We realized quickly that just because we had the freedom to hang around the house all day, didn’t make that a good idea. So every day, we went out to lunch. And after lunch, we wanted to…



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