How to Get Started with ClickUp: Day One

One app to replace them all

Darryl Brooks
14 min readApr 12, 2020
Mountain in distance representing everything
Photo by Evershot on Unsplash

Sounds like the One App of Power I must carry to Mount Doom, doesn’t it?

Actually, it is a relatively new productivity tool on the market, and like Notion, whose tagline is All-in-one Workspace, it claims to do it all. I wrote getting started guides for Notion also, and you can find those links at the end of this article.

And while neither product actually does everything, either may do everything you need depending on those needs. Notion is more of a document/database app, great for building wikis or processes. It’s good at managing projects, but where it falls flat is actual task management.

ClickUp excels at task management at many levels. And it’s that multi-tiered hierarchy that makes ClickUp such a powerful tool. Another great feature of both is they have a small, but dedicated team of developers that are constantly adding new features. I think ClickUp is leading the pack with new features almost weekly. And with features released recently, such as better document integration, formula fields, and now automation, it could soon be the One App to Replace Them All. It can certainly replace your to-do lists and project management software. And depending on how deep you use them, it could replace your document storage and note-taking apps.



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