Great stuff.
I am retired now, but I read this article as the last job I had, I helped manage a large crew of virtual employees. This began back when IP telephony was in its infancy, so we had to learn a lot by the seat of our pants.

These were all ‘local’ virtuals, so one thing we figured out fairly early, was to have them work in the office one day a month.

They crabbed about it, but it achieved several goals:

The commute made them appreciate what they had, although we had to coach them that bitching about their one day commute to people that did it every day wasn’t very productive.

It gave them, and us, some face time. Isolation was still a problem for morale.

It let us watch and coach bad habits they had picked up from working from home.
One agent would come in and the first call she got blasted through the office, so she had to remember to turn her ringer down. We quickly realized that the only reason she would need it turned up that loud is if she wasn’t working at her desk, but doing chores around the house.

I don’t miss work, but I still like to read about how others are getting things done.

Thanks again.

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