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Image by Darryl Brooks

Do you like to cruise? Are you thinking about taking your first cruise or cruising again after the year off we all shared?

Cruise Ship Image for the Future of Cruising by Darryl Brooks
Image by Darryl Brooks

Are you a cruiser, or have you thought about taking a cruise?

I meant before Covid-19.

Between 1994 and 2019, we took well over 60 cruises. Obviously, we like cruising, but we also found it both easy and economical. Pay one fee, and your room, meal, and most activities were taken care of. Plus, every night, your hotel moved to a different city while you slept.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Once again, I awoke slowly with uhtceare worrying about my upcoming job interview. The interview that was today.

As I dressed in my tonsorial finery, I mentally rehearsed answers to the inevitable questions.

I was as prepared as I could be as I was ushered into my new employer’s office.

Behind the desk sat what I could only assume was a human bearing a striking resemblance to Gollum from Lord of the Rings. …

Stock Image of a Pantry by Darryl Brooks
Image by Author

I talked in the last chapter about what to shoot. In this edition, I want to discuss how to prepare them for submitting to stock sites.

This is not a tutorial on how to process photographs. If you are not proficient in that or nailing it in camera, you need to gain more experience before attempting stock photography. Check out more of my articles in The Digital Photographer for help with that.

I will repeat what I said last time in that the quality requirements for most stock sites exceed anything you are likely to encounter anywhere else. …

The Six Pence Pub in Savannah, Georgia shot by Darryl Brooks
Image by Author

I recently wrote a piece about the beautiful city of Savannah, Georgia. I wrote about the city as a tourist and included many of my images of iconic locations. But this article is the next chapter in my How I Got the Shot Series and will discuss the shot above of the Six Pence Pub and a few other locations nearby.

Man leaping for joy. For article by Darryl Brooks on Medium.
Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Have you been thinking about taking a break from writing? Or maybe you are taking a break and want to know how not to feel guilty about it. Well, I took one, and I’ll do it again and soon. Here’s why you should also.

If you are anything like me, you make an effort to write every day.

Every. Day.

We don’t always meet that goal. Sometimes life gets in the way. Sometimes another project will take priority.

Sometimes, we just get lazy.

Over the last 16 years, my writing has been somewhat erratic. I go through bouts of writing…

Image by Author

We have sailed out of beautiful Bayonne, New Jersey, many times. It is a very frustrating sail away because the potential for a great shot is always there, but the conditions for a great shot are rare. But even during the worst weather, I have been able to capture a view of the Manhattan and Jersey City skylines and make it interesting.

If you are Ansel Adams, you can keep coming back to the same location, however often it takes to get the perfect conditions. The rest of us have to make the best of the conditions we are given…

Photo by Cody Dueitt on Unsplash

Asheville is a city in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. It is located in the eastern central part of the state in the mountainous regions and has a somewhat cooler climate than other parts of the state. The city is serviced by air from Asheville Regional Airport and lies at the intersection of three interstate highways. Asheville, North Carolina, is one of our go-to spots in the summer as it is much cooler, even in August. …

Image by Author

Savannah, Georgia is located on the north end of the coast of Georgia, in the United States, at the southeast corner of the state. It is located where the Savannah River, which creates the border between Georgia and South Carolina, enters into the Atlantic Ocean. The temperatures are milder than most of Georgia due to its location on the coast. The winds coming in from the ocean will keep it a little warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Savannah International Airport is located just outside the city and brings in tourists from all over the world. …

Darryl Brooks

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